River City Podcast

The Complexities of Gender Identity

December 20, 2022 River City Consulting Season 3 Episode 4
River City Podcast
The Complexities of Gender Identity
Show Notes

We had an enlightening talk with the Executive Director of He She Ze and We -Shannon McKay (she/her) about her  role as an educator, facilitator, parent, and advocate. Shannon has been learning and sharing her experience and expertise since she founded He She Ze and We 10 years ago.  

Shannon spreads awareness of the needs of the community and educates about the complexities of gender identity, believing that knowledge leads to understanding and acceptance.  She is passionate about working directly with folks that find their way to He She Ze and We because a supportive family is the number one protective factor for transgender and nonbinary youth. 

Shannon is thrilled to be able to elevate the life saving work of the organization to a larger audience as the first executive director. 

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